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It began as a sharp pain behind his left eye that would snake its way into his entire head. It was worse than any migraine, Spear said, and could only be described as if someone was drilling into his brain with an auger bit. Nothing could stop it. Not the most potent drugs. Not banging his head on the floor. It was a pain he dealt with every day for 30 years. Then he enrolled in Idaho Horse Therap ...[Read More]

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FAIRFIELD, IDAHO — Idaho Horse Therapy, Inc. hosted their first Re-Boot Camp® event the week of 28 September – 4 October and saw overwhelming success with a group of 8 veterans. By the final day, no participants reported less than 40% improvement in their psychological well-being, and some reported as much as 70% improvement (taking one to self-described full-recovery). One participant said of the ...[Read More]