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Success stories PTSD Recovery USA Re-Boot Resort

Acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD can affect not just war veterans but also other people including teenagers and kids that have gone through some traumatic event in their lives. These events imprint on their minds leaving behind a lasting impression that can affect their present and future. People with PTSD have trouble with their day-to-day living long after the event has passed. A ...[Read More]

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Holistic PTSD Therapy USA Re-Boot Resort

At the USA Re-Boot Resort, we understand how a single incident or tour of duty as in the case of veterans can affect your psyche deeply and cause PTSD. For this reason, we have designed a holistic program that can help your mind and soul heal from the effects of the trauma. In addition to a warm, supportive, natural environment, you can look forward to wholesome nutritious meals that act as a balm ...[Read More]