Giving Veteran Their Lives Back at the USA Re-Boot Resort

At the USA Re-Boot Resort, we understand the terrible toll a tour of duty can take from our veterans. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as it is more commonly called is a syndrome that can take away from normal living. Veterans find that they battle the ghosts of the terrible incidents of war long after they return home. The symptoms of PTSD may not surface right away but sometimes start to appear years after the actual events occurred.

Veterans Go Through Real Pain and Psychological Trauma

The veterans we work with often talk about reliving wartime incidents over and over again. They have panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, and often wake at night with heart palpitations and panic attacks. Veterans are also known to dissociate from any people, situations, or objects that remind them of their experiences. Some of them become loners and are unable to build normal, healthy relationships with family members. Yet another defense tactic they may adopt is to lock away their feelings and transform into stone-cold personalities to avoid admitting they are suffering and have a problem. Being always vigilant, unable to relax and sleep, angry, and constantly in the battle mode are other symptoms of PTSD.

Counseling and Therapy Can Help Them Lead Normal Lives

At the USA Re-Boot Resort, we have put together a program of 6 different kinds of therapy that can bring peace and tranquility to the troubled psyches of our veterans. After their loyal service to the country, it is up to us to rehabilitate them so they can get back their lives and continue living as before. We organize these week-long sessions where we help veterans and other regular citizens come to terms with their troubles. These sessions are free of cost and in addition to a team of expert therapists; we have horses that help us provide equine therapy. By spending time with these noble animals, patients with PTSD can heal and repair their souls.

We Would Love to Continue with Our Camps

The programs that we have at the USA Re-Boot need your help. So far, we have held camps at several locations across the country and it is our objective to be able to host at least 10 to 15 week-long camps each year. Our efforts are very successful and the people who have participated have talked about feeling 70% of their symptoms easing. By continuing with the therapy they learn at the camp in their homes, they are able to sustain the healing and feel happiness and good health returning. We are a non-profit organization and we are able to operate thanks to the generous contributions of sympathetic people like you.

Cash or Kind – We Also Welcome Warm Wishes

Every little contribution you can make will go a long way in helping. Small denominations of $25, one-time or recurring each month are welcome as are sponsorships for one or multiple veterans to participate in a week-long camp. All donations will receive a receipt that you can use for taxation purposes. We would also be glad to have any other supplies you can provide. They can be in the form of equipment for the camp, feed for our horses, or any other spare stuff you have lying around. For an idea of how we use the funds we receive, feel free to check out the FAQ page on our website.

From our experiences we have learned that physical wounds are easy to heal. But, as our experts tell us, it is the unseen, psychological wounds that trouble our veterans more than anything. We have created this program to help them heal and we welcome you to be a part of our efforts. It’s time to help our heroes in return for their service to the country. Isn’t it?