Rejuvenate Your Life with Holistic Therapy at the USA Re-Boot Resort

At the USA Re-Boot Resort, we understand how a single incident or tour of duty as in the case of veterans can affect your psyche deeply and cause PTSD. For this reason, we have designed a holistic program that can help your mind and soul heal from the effects of the trauma. In addition to a warm, supportive, natural environment, you can look forward to wholesome nutritious meals that act as a balm for your body and psyche. Take a look at the details of the programs we include in our one-week therapeutic session.

Brainwave Optimization (BWO)

Brainwave Optimization® is a technique that helps you attain a sense of complete peace and relaxation. You will be seated in a private room in a comfortable chair. A trained technician sets sensors on precise spots on your scalp. These sensors take readings of your brain activity and relay them to a computer program. The program converts the readings into a series of musical notes that are played back to you by way of headphones. By listening to the music, your brain makes adjustments, erases the pain, and achieves a state of deep serenity.

Community Resiliency Model (CRM)

Nothing is more therapeutic than understanding the pain and suffering of other human beings that have been in similar situations. At our USA resort, we have a community of people where every member needs to heal. In the company of like-minded individuals, you’ll relearn the basic tasks of caring for you and bring stability into your nervous system. You’ll also develop an understanding of how trauma affects your body and influences your actions and feelings. As you develop the strength and resilience to face the past, you’ll learn how to pass that resilience to the other people around you.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

Horses are beautiful, sensitive creatures that understand your thoughts and feelings without the need for expressing them in words. During our equine therapy sessions, you’ll spend time caring for these magnificent beings and learn how to feed, groom, lead, and halter them. Under the supervision of an expert therapist and the professional handler, you’ll build bonds with them. Your therapist will watch and identify your behavior patterns and show you how to modify them. Learn the art of solving problems, taking responsibility for your actions, self-control, and self-assurance as you heal emotional wounds.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Originally developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a very innovative form of healing. The treatment involves sessions of 90 minutes at a time. The therapist uses a series of hand movements in front of the patient and asks her to recall the unpleasant memory and the accompanying emotions and pain. Gradually, the therapist helps transform the memories into more pleasant thoughts. By focusing on the hand movements, patients are able to let go of the fear and anxiety and replace them with happier thoughts.

Combination Integrated Breathing and Movement (IBAM)

The Combination Integrated Breathing and Movement (IBAM) part of therapy includes training in therapeutic techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, and qigong. Having learned these methods, patients can continue to practice them in the comfort of their own homes. At the USA Re-Boot Resort, our guests learn how to lay the bad memories to rest and emerge healed from the sessions.

Do keep in mind that our camp is a non-profit organization and all our efforts are directed towards the well-being of people who have been traumatized by some occurrence in their past. With the help of our healing modalities, anyone can rejuvenate and repair their lives. We welcome kids, teens, adults, veterans and any other person who simply needs a warm friendly touch to change his or her life.