About Our Re-Boot Program

Our USA Re-Boot Resort is a weeklong, intensive treatment program that uses proven and evidence-based methods to treat those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related conditions. Treatment, food and lodging are provided to soldiers and veterans at no cost.

Our treatment program is available to anyone suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Children, at-risk teens, military veterans and other adults with PTSD and related conditions are given the opportunity to “re-boot” psychologically. They also learn tools to sustain their improvement after returning home.

The Re-Boot Resort takes place throughout southern Idaho and around the United States. Some of our facilities are indoor, meaning we are able to conduct sessions even during inclement weather.

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Success Stories

Our treatment program has consistently proven very successful in improving the quality of our clients’ lives. On average, participants report a 70 percent improvement rate in their psychological wellbeing after completing our one-week retreat, and no one has ever reported less than a 40 percent improvement. Because our participants and their support persons are trained in a Community Resiliency Model that helps after they return home, improvement is sustained over the long term.

Program Models

We partner with experts in:

Brainwave Optimization

More than 122,000 people worldwide have had this non-invasive, computer-guided brainwave optimization technique. A trained technologist places read-only sensors on the scalp and records brainwave activity as EEG signals. These signals are sent to proprietary software that converts them to music-like tones the client hears through ear buds. When the brain hears impaired brainwave activity, it begins adjusting the brainwaves to be more balanced. During our one-week retreat, each participant has seven brainwave optimization sessions, which last 90 minutes each.

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Community Resiliency Model (CRM)

This skills-based stabilization program helps reset the nervous system’s natural balance. We work with Trauma Resource Institute experts who teach our participants about their own nervous system and help them identify sensations related to their well-being. During our one-week program, a client has five hour-long CRM group training sessions. On the final day, “Graduation Day,” family and other support persons attend a 90-minute summary training where they learn how to support their loved ones when back home.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

Our equine sessions are all facilitated by certified mental health professionals and Equine Specialists from Eagala, who help clients and horses interact. There is no horseback riding – rather, clients and horses interact on equal footing. Horses are excellent for therapy because they read and react to nonverbal messages we send. Clients find that horses provide immediate feedback because they respond differently when we change ourselves. Our participants have strong and very positive outcomes from equine-assisted work.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This eight-phase psychotherapy treatment (one part utilizing eye movements) shows the mind can heal from psychological trauma just as it heals from physical trauma. EMDR can help address memories and other associated stimuli that were not adequately processed because normal cognitive and neurological coping mechanisms were overwhelmed. A Kaiser Permanente study found that 100 percent of single-trauma victims, and 77 percent of multiple trauma victims, no longer had PTSD after six 50-minute EMDR sessions; in another study, 77 percent of combat veterans were free of PTSD after 12 sessions. Our participants have as many as seven 60 – 90 minute individual sessions throughout the week. 

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Combination Integrated Breathing and Movement (IBAM)

We include mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation in forms that include tai chi, qigong and yoga. A recent study of veterans shows mindfulness training changed veterans’ brains in ways that may help them “turn off” an endless loop of horrible memories. Other studies show breathing exercises and yoga are very beneficial to anxiety from PTSD and other symptoms. Clients in our program do two 60-minute group classes each day for a total of 12 hours of exercise and breathing therapy.

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Defining Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD – once called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome – is a serious mental health condition that can develop after a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic or terrifying event that causes intense fear, horror or helplessness. It can happen to anyone and is not a weakness.

There are four main categories of PTSD symptoms.

  • Reliving the ordeal through thoughts and memories, flashbacks, hallucination and nightmares
  • Avoiding people, places, situations and thoughts that remind one of the traumatizing event
  • Increased arousal, meaning excessive emotions, problems relating to others and physical symptoms
  • Negative cognitions and mood

It’s normal to have some of these symptoms after experiencing danger or trauma. But if they last more than a month and affect one’s ability to function, it may be PTSD.

Why This Program is Important

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, about 8 million adults have PTSD during a given year. About 10 percent of American women and 4 percent of American men develop PTSD at some point in their lives.

Executive Director Johnny Urrutia has worked one-on-one with sufferers struggling with PTSD and related conditions since he founded Idaho Horse Therapy. When he combined equine therapy with several other successful treatment models, he found his life’s passion: successfully helping others improve the quality of their lives. He says this work is “the most wonderful, powerful thing I’ve ever seen.”

With treatments from USA Re-Boot Resort – and some help from our four-legged equine friends – men, women and children find peace and again have hope. They are able to enjoy satisfying relationships and healthy lives.

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