Welcome to Our Success Stories

We have so many testimonials from our clients that it’s impossible to keep up posting them…but we try. Hopefully, you will be touched and can relate to one or more of these clients experiences. 

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“Post the war, I had continuous cluster headaches, which is why I carried a gun wherever I went.  More people commit suicide due to the unbearable pain it causes behind my left eye.  A bomb had went off not far from me and as a result I have these unbearable cluster headaches.  Even hitting my head against a brick-wall gives me relief.  I have been on disability for over 30 years.  Then I heard about a program for PTSD and it was free so I decided I had nothing to loose.  Selene ran about 3 brainwave sessions and within two days my headaches were gone.  I was not convinced this was permanent but it has now been nearly 2 years.  I have re-entered the workforce and have a very successful production company now.  Headache free, this truly changed my life.”

Jim, Vietnam War Veteran

“I’m a Veteran participating in Idaho Re-Boot Camp Program. Before I took this program I was suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. And just in a last few month after horse therapy I noticed difference in how I deal with stress, I’m feeling less depressed than I was, I’m taking less medicines and noticed just an overall improvement. Just want to thank everybody who donated and made this possible for all of us to participate and take advantage of this really unique opportunity, especially Johnny and Selene. Thank you!”

Dane, Iraq War Veteran

“I came to Idaho Re-Boot Camp with emotional suffering from my military experience. Going thru Brain Optimization prepared me for what happened in the past couple month with family and other issues around I wouldn’t be able to cope with. I would like to attribute a lot to the Brain Optimization and Idaho Re-Boot Camp.”

Brayan, retired military

“I was diagnosed with MS after being released serving in the Iraq War.  Being in a wheelchair has been hard for a young active woman such as myself.  I was eager to try a natural way of healing with Brainwave Optimization. Selene told me how my arms and legs would jolt during the sessions, which was completely unknown to me at the time.  But sure enough, I surprised her by parking my wheelchair at the door on the fourth day and walked again for the first time in 6 months!”

Alex, Iraq War Veteran