Success Stories – What Our Happy Clients Say

Acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD can affect not just war veterans but also other people including teenagers and kids that have gone through some traumatic event in their lives. These events imprint on their minds leaving behind a lasting impression that can affect their present and future. People with PTSD have trouble with their day-to-day living long after the event has passed. At USA Re-Boot Resort, we work on repairing their damaged psyches and helping people come to terms with their pain in a supportive, friendly, understanding environment.

Our Clients Say that the Program Has Helped Change Their Lives

Clients who have spent time at our resort often talk about how the program changed their lives. We are proud to reveal that at the end of the one-week program, on an average, our guests report a 70% improvement in their emotional well-being. Of all the guests that have spent time with us, no one has ever had a less than 40% recovery. Our Community Resilience Model helps both clients and supporters create the perfect ambience for wellness.

Awbry Rebel – War Veteran

In the words of Awbry Rebel, a war veteran who served in Germany, post-Vietnam between 1976 and 1979, he admits to “having a rough day” when he arrived at the resort. Even so, he was determined to keep an open mind having admitted that he needed help. Awbry focused more on his surroundings and the natural beauty of the resort. He was pleasantly surprised at the many different kinds of therapy available, especially the equestrian sessions. Awbry talks about how he learned to be around horses when growing up but was delighted at the new approach the handlers had. With equestrian therapy, he learned to assert and calm himself. The healthy meals and relaxation he received at the resort helped him turn his life around.

Changing Lives at the USA Re-Boot Resort

Guests at the USA Re-Boot Resort talk about how the different forms of therapy including the Brainwave Optimization sessions, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and horse therapy helped them recover both physically and psychologically. One guest talks about improved digestion while another reveals how he entered a “state of deep relaxation” and now feels “empowered” with a sense of control over situations that he earlier found, “confusing or overwhelming or distressing.” In all, getting therapy at the resort can be life-changing experience and we are proud to make it happen.

Therapy at the USA Re-Boot Resort Helps Supporters

While therapy at the USA Re-Boot Resort helps those affected by PTSD, giving therapy and helping guests proves to be a moving experience for the supporters too. Executive Director Johnny Urrutia has worked with guests with PTSD on a personal level spending one-on-one time with them. Having combined equine therapy with other kinds of treatments that have proved to be highly successful, he says that this work is “the most wonderful, powerful thing I’ve ever seen.”

At the USA Re-Boot Resort, guests can choose therapy for different disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and abuse. We offer special programs for war veterans free of cost. They are welcome to stay with us and participate in the healthy, nutritious meals provided. The holistic therapy we provide helps our guests rejuvenate physically and psychologically. And, their testimonials prove the positives of the program in their lives.